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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The UnBelief Believer's Question By: Minister Speed

The Question

Too much truth and in too much detail leaves those unfamiliar with the topic looking at you like you are crazy.

Among those unfamiliar with the topic at hand — and therefore unable to completely process and act on information about it — are mostly those unwilling for forage outside the confines of the Mind Made Self.

The truth of an idea does not occur within a vacuum but has properties inherent within the spirit of a flawed man within it. Truth happens to an idea within the Mind.

It becomes true and is made true by events which flow through the imagination and active faith of a man.

Its veracity is in fact an event, a process, the process namely of verifying itself.

The process is its verification. Its validity is the process of its validation.

Most people who profess to be Christians live in active UNBELIEF!!! 

One of the most powerful “Truth” I have often had to meet on is that of giving my “Very Best” to God my Creator.  

There rages A “warfare” over what Truth really is and where that truth really exist. 

This antagonistic approach to truth has allowed for the development of multiple denominations within Biblical Christianity which in itself is a contradiction of Christianity itself.

If you understand the answer then you will be able to give an appropriate question and develop the character to give your absolute Very Best to the Creator.

Within the answer is enough power to propel you dynamically to the spiritual realm where God lives and it has the power to vanquish the care, worries and problems of this world.

Answer:  I Am An UnBelief Believer.

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