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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Pain and Fear of Recovery By Minister Speed

A wise man once said pain is the touchstone of spiritual growth.

That means Pain is necessary, But Suffering is optional.

You see suffering is living in the past, avoiding the future, and neglecting the now.

Most people don't grow up because they are afraid to face and be rid of the suffering and pain that's blocking them from the touchstone.

The touchstone is the path to progress.  That’s the pain to move to the next level.

It is said we practice spiritual progress rather than spiritual perfection.

Right there those who fear pain stop. They minimize and justify and use progress as an excuse for failure.

The word progress means to move forward in growth and development towards a goal.

Progress like a seed planted is sure and like an arrow in a bow true.

Progress is reality.

Progress is maturity.

Perfection in a mature man is simply giving your very best. 

Progress like success is intent and deliberate.

Progress is like the kind of faith that says nothing happens by coincidence.

Listen, if it is to be it is up to me.

You see the word touchstone means - A standard or by which something is judged or recognized.

Have you ever met a man that you know had something special, something great?

Tell me by what standard or criteria were you judging his greatness by?

It should have been by his courage to face his own fears, walk through and then reach out to teach it to others. 

You see cowards and failures are those who cannot or will not face their own fear, walk through their own pain and come out on the other side.

Greatness is not being afraid of failure rather greatness comes out of failure.

Henry Ford failed and went broke five times before he finally succeeded. He's quoted as saying - experience is the thing of supreme value in life.

But in order to have your experience work for you. You've got to go through the pain so you can see the touchstone.

You see winners do what loser can't do or won't do.

A loser won't ever do inventory on his own character, but a winner will do inventory every night along with amends, prayer and meditation and then reading and studying. 

For the winner, Failure is not an option but part of the progress.

Babe Ruth considered by sports historians to be the greatest athlete of all time and once famous for setting the home run record, also holds the record for strikeouts.

Louis Pasteur was only a mediocre pupil in his undergraduate studies and ranked 15 out of 22 in chemistry studies but he went on to invent penicillin.

Listen most listening to my voice or reading this message have had complete failure in life.  The word normal should be eradicated from your vocabulary.

If you are to be successful there must be a revolutionary outlook in the way you view life.  There must be a change in your approach.  Life must take on new meaning.  Let me explain.

Many want change but refuse to change their belief system.

Listen Einstein said the same level of thinking that created the problem cannot be the same thought process or belief system that creates the solution. 

There is only one that can truly change your mind and belief and that one is God…

There is one who has all Power.  THAT...ONE...IS...GOD…


Listen we've talked about fear.

We've talked about pain.

We've talked about progress.

We've talked about being successful in every area of our lives, but there can be no success without GOD.

Check it out; if I can’t change my mind, or my belief system without God, then I've got to learn to accept Gods’ will for my life.  It is only then that my belief system will change.

If I change my belief system…..Then I change the way I think.

If I change the way I think, then I change the actions I take.

If I change the actions I take, then I change my character.

If I change my character, then I change my circumstances.

If I change my circumstances, then I change my destiny.

When my destiny changes, I begin to tap into Gods’ Purpose, Pattern, and Plan for my life.  To put it as plan as possible, I begin to operate in Gods’ will for my life. In this state, all sort of remarkable things begin to happen.

I must learn to accept Gods’ will No matter how I feel.

Repeat it after me.

I must accept Gods’ will No matter how I feel.

Believing in God is not feeling.

Believing in God is a fact.

Let me Illustrate;

The planet Earth is rotating at 1, 37.3 miles per hour on a 23 degree global axis for equal sunlight distribution without deviation or failure.

The Earth is so perfectly situated at 92.96 million miles from the Sun that if it was 5 degrees closer it would be an uninhabitable Tropical Jungle, and if it was 20 degrees farther it would be an uninhabitable Arctic Iceland. 

Can you say precise, intent, and deliberate.

That means God is on the throne and He is in complete control.

You might say but why do I have to believe in God to produce this change?

Listen most people only go to God when they are in a bind, when they are up against the wall. 

This would be like a man who is sick in His body. He goes to the Dr. who tells him his specific problem. He then gives him medication and tells him to eat fruit and vegetables daily, which he does, BUT he smokes a pack of cigarettes a day alone with this regiment.

This is how most people approach God. They know they need spiritual help.

They may say a few prayers when in need, but that's it.

After that it’s business as usual. 

They are always looking to the heavens wondering where God fits in all of IT.

Listen up, if you are having issues in life that won't move, Whether relational, financial, spiritual or physical, YOU must realize that you need to stop living in Self Will.  You must come to believe that you are the common denominator with your problem.

Get out of your thinking.  Get into the Mind of God.

Listen, God will not give His power to a person who has not shown himself worthy of it. He is not obligated to bless you if your house is not in order.  You must clean the House to your heart.  God will not give you the Power until your HEART changes.  

Your heart will show through in your actions and behaviors, but also your mouth will begin to speak and believe in God’s word because now you have a heart for Him.

It is with the mind that you believe, but it through your mouth that your heart speaks.

Listen, Your physical heart is the vital organ that pumps your life's blood throughout your body.
Your spiritual heart does the same. It is the center of your being apart from your self that allows for God to manifest Himself within you.

This is your Spirit. It is your HEART. This spirit is God. We all have one Spirit and that is where God dwells.

The Word of God is the only thing that gives instruction on how to heal, develop, and strengthen your Spirit Man.  For us at this moment, the Big Book of Alcoholic Anonymous is God's Word.

Listen, if your heart has been broken God has a solution.  A broken heart is when your spirit has been attacked by life issues.  I’m talking about Alcoholism, addictions, Death, Divorce, Molestation, Racism, Mental Illness, Illiteracy, Poverty and all those things that cause us to falter, fall, and self destruct.

These all take away from the Spirit and cause fear and with fear the faith has to remove itself.

The word of God renews my mind to tell it in spite of my circumstances to trust God for We walk by faith and not by sight.

The word convicts you when you're out of alignment with God so you don't receive His consequences.

The Word increases Faith because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

The word decreases my selfish nature so that God can increase inside of me.

The word shows me Gods purpose pattern and plan so I can run this race of life with Him and Be still and know that He is. 

Through the word I learn what God's Will is for my life,and that way I can be healed. 

The Big Book of Alcoholic Anonymous is God’s will for the healing of the alcoholic/addict.  

The Big Book of Alcoholic Anonymous is the most vital piece of information in the earth realm to the newcomer at this time. 

Don’t just Read this Book, Study this book!

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