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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Media Industrial Complex By Minister Speed

In my first book "A Declaration to the Spiritual Soldier" I used the tern "The Power To Define" on Pg. 54.  

The Power To Define is the ability to discern, and the will to implement ideas and philosophies in order to be totally victorious in battle against ones enemy.

This blog will attempt to deal with the new phenomenon that is sweeping through America progressively for the past 25 years.  This is the Media Industrial Complex.  It is designed to produce in you a well of willingness to search within yourself, wakeup, and participate!!!

Today this definition appears to come to fruition as the News Media across the nation as well as the world are working together to Black Out "certain" news that would possibly awaken America to their true purpose and agendas.  

They have consciously created such a liberal spirit that anyone who attempts to use their God given America freedom of speech is instantaneously dehumanize which also subliminally redirects others not to, producing a people who are muzzled and fear driven.  

The power to define when applied properly can produce in the minds of a person ignorance or complete unawareness of the magnitude or seriousness of a situation (Abortion/homosexuals) or when used in a concerted efforted can simply make a news worthy story disappear (Kermit Gosnell).

Who owns the media?

To this end I have created a new definition to describe this new phenomenon within the once sacred halls of journalism.  Never in the anals of American History have the Media been bought and paid for by entities which seek to promote and propagate their own agendas which have stretch their tentacles across every fabric of the economy.  To put it as plain as possible "they are reporting' whatever they are being spoon-fed from others".

Media Industrial Complex-The aggregate of a nation’s Media and Communication systems working in a concerted effort with combined interests of the political, socio, and economic forces, pushing a subliminal and propagandist ideology while exerting unwarranted influence on the minds of the American people and the world around us.  

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  1. And people call these countries 'civilized' and Christian.