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Monday, May 20, 2013

End Time Prayer By Minister Speed

About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up, who will turn their attention to the prophecies, in the midst of much clamor and opposition."   Sir Isaac Newton

We are in that time.

This Blog Site is design to teach the truth, the Word of God as founded in Holy Scriptures. Our Mission is to open the eyes and hearts of God’s people through the relevant teaching and preaching of The Word of God with extreme boldness, showing His grace, insight and wisdom with understanding.

We are here to expose the false prophets and teachers who monopolize and take advantage of the body of Christ through deception.  We offer extensive and exhaustive Bible Doctrine in the name of Jesus Christ through a life of discipleship, faith, and love teaching all while being a witness of true change by the Power He has shown to us through His death burial and resurrection.

Allow the messages here to help you develop your spiritual life in Christ the Messiah and grow with us as we spread the Word of God.

In the Mighty and Majestic name of jesus the Christ. May the Lord impart a blessing to those who participates in the reading of His Holy Word.

Those who hear it, those who read it, and those who apply it. May you increase that His Holy Spirit may increase within you that no weapon formed aganist you shall prosper. 

That you may be able to do all things through Christ which is your strength. Amen

Almighty Father Creator of Heaven and Earth. We humbly come before you with thanksgiving in our hearts, asking for your never ending mercy. 

We lift your name on high, above any name that has ever existed. Our Father and Creator, we ask you to Bless, Protect and to Pour your Supernatural Favor upon Us, our Children, our Spouses and our friends and even our enemies.

God we ask you today for Divine Intervention in our lives, we ask for your touch in every areas of our lives, whether it is a new job, promotion, freedom from debt, rebuilding of our relationships with spouses and friends and even our children. 

Father any situation you touch, we believe it can never remain the same. Father in heaven, let your will be done in our lives as your decision in our lives is the best and will always bring out the best, please send double portions of your Anointing and Blessings in the quickest time to the person who prays this prayer in Faith. 

Father in these End days I pray that you break the religious addiction that is consuming your people.  Loosen and open their eyes that they may see the truth.

Prepare their hearts for the calamity that is to come and open their mouth to speak with extreme boldness your Word which is Jesus Christ.

Father we have already prayed for your help in these days.  We have prayed for family, friends, spouses, and even our enemies.  Father now we pray that you use us in a mighty and supernatural way.

Father Yahweh, use us as a Master would that which belong to Him.  We surrender to your will and everything you have spoken.  Father the hour has come and now is that your children worship you in Spirit and in Truth.  Let your will be done in our lives.  Our love for you is more consuming than anything in our lives.  

Father we will not forget to give you all the praise and all the glory.

Your Name is worthy to be worshipped and glorified by every person in Heaven and on Earth. 

In the Mighty and Majestic name of your only Son, our personal Savior, Jesus Christ.  


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