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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Choose Today Whom You Will Serve By Minister Speed

I am writing this in response to all my friends, family and even those who have with hostility approach me in response to my writings and preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I would like to make it known that it is the love of God within my heart along with the fire to speak the truth concerning the gospel of Christ that moves me.

I recently wrote a blog entitled “I preach Jesus. Who are you talking about?” This blog has been afforded to be seen by some who profess Jesus and non-believers as well as Disciples of Christ. The backlash has been severe and expected. God has shown me what I must expect in regards to what his word clearly states.

I would like to emphatically say that like God I hold a love in my heart for all mankind, but the calling of God is not limited to just the preaching of the “Lovewalk” but the Lordship, Judgment, Wrath, and Correction of God to all mankind. I do not apologize for my stance but lovingly plead to you to lean not to your understanding and accept the word of God as He has laid it out.

I believe we are going into the darkest days that humanity has ever known. So dark that it makes the dark ages look like midday. I thank God for His word which cannot change. He said the gates of hell would not prevail against the church of God through Jesus Christ.

I’d like to illustrate the story of a modern prodigal son:
He had left home and then came back home after his father died. He was very kindly received by his mother. The day came for the reading of the father's will, and the family gathered, and the lawyer began to read the document. To the surprise of all who were present, the will told in detail all the wayward career of the prodigal son. As the boy sat and listened to the account of his evil, he arose in anger and left the house. Nobody heard from him for about three years. When, eventually, they found him, he was told that the will, after telling of his waywardness, had gone on to bequeath him $15,000.


This illustrates the way that men and women read the Bible today. They read this opening chapter of the book of Roman Chapter 1, they read of this terrible condemnation, and they know how true it is. They know the guilt in their own lives -- there isn't one of us who hasn't participated to some degree in some of these things which Romans mentions -- then they stop there. Or, in anger, they get up in a huff and slam their Bibles shut, and say, 

"I don't want to have anything to do with a God like that!" “That is not the loving God I know”. 

The truth is if they read on, they discover that the whole purpose of this is simply to show them the love of God set against the dark background of human rebellion, for it is for this kind of people that Jesus Christ came. It was for them that he gave his life. It was for them that he poured himself out in death, that they might have restoration and harmony and be brought back into fellowship with God. For, of these very selfsame people that Paul describes here, it is written, "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us,"(Romans 5:8 KJV). This is the proof of God's amazing love.

In Romans chapter 1:1-32 Paul in fact has given us a terrible picture of what happens when men deliberately banish the only true and living God from their reckoning. In due time the nation of Rome perished. Disaster and degeneracy went hand in hand as they always inevitably do when men or women place God far from their minds and replace Him with so-called "gods" of their own making, “or God of their own understanding”.

We must submit to God’s righteousness to be saved. This requires obedience. 

Paul says in Romans 10:16: “But they have not all obeyed the gospel.”

Listen when you speak out against Christianity, you are speaking against God. This cannot lead to harmony with God but surely results in dis-harmony with God. Even though you may profess Christianity, you must be obedient to God to be in harmony with God.

John MacArthur presents an interesting illustration of man apart from God writing that...

A certain species of ants in Africa builds its nests in deep subterranean tunnels, where it’s young and its queen live. Although they may be great distances from the nest foraging for food, worker ants of that species are able to sense when the queen is being molested and they become extremely nervous and uncoordinated. If she is killed, they become frantic and rush around aimlessly until they die. 

What better illustration could there be of fallen man. Even in his sinful rejection and rebellion, he cannot function properly apart from God and is destined only for death. (MacArthur, J. Romans. Chicago: Moody Press)

Pastor Ray Pritchard graphically and poignantly summarizes this section of Paul's introductory statements in Romans Chapter 1:1-32 by writing:

"We have now reached the bottom, and it is not a nice place to be. The bottom is where you are when evil becomes good and good becomes evil (Isaiah 5:20). The bottom is where you are when the wrongdoers are publicly praised while defenders of morality are reviled. The bottom is where you are when truth is on the scaffold and wrong is on the throne.

The Living Bible has a striking translation of the first part of this verse:

"They were fully aware of God’s death penalty for these crimes, yet they went right ahead and did them anyway." 

That, my friends, is the bottom—when evil is celebrated publicly! At this point you have the total reversal of values in society. I do not think it unfair to say that we have essentially reached this point in America. The wrongdoers have nearly taken control of two key areas of modern society—education and the media. 

Now they seek legal status for their iniquity. And they defy all attempts at control. When a major magazine argues that homosexuality is "normal" and when a public figure is chastised for speaking out against it, when the churches are ordaining homosexuals and those who object are mercilessly vilified. 

When Baptist ministers rally in support of a boxing champion convicted of rape http://articles.latimes.com/1992-03-21/local/me-3821_1_baptist-convention .

When all those things are true, what you have is the final loss of public morality. No one knows the difference between right and wrong because the values of society have been turned upside down. 
Let us understand something at this point. God’s judgment on sin is generally not of the fire and brimstone variety. That rarely happens. When God wants to judge a community or a nation, he simply lets sin take its natural course. If we insist on destroying ourselves, God says,"OK, go ahead and destroy yourselves. I won’t stop you." This is what is meant by a reprobate mind in Romans 1:28. We are in serious trouble folks. 

He simply lets us go our merry way. The true judgment on the human race is that man has turned away from God and does not realize it. What is the judgment of God when men turn away from him? God "gives them up" to their own devices. He lets them follow their own desires. 

He doesn't try to stop their meteoric descent into the abyss. 

God "abandons" the human race by letting men reap what they sow. Nothing more terrible could ever be contemplated. When men "abandon" God in their thinking, God "abandons" them. Why? Because God is a perfect gentleman, he respects the freedom of the human will. If a man or a woman decides to live without Him, he says, "Fine. You can live without me. In the end, you’ll be sorry. But if that’s your decision, I’ll respect it." 

We see this in Hosea 4:6 where God says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children". 

This is also what the Love of God looks like. You see God has given you free will and He loves you enough to let you make the decision to not serve Him. This of course comes with a price. That price is a separation from His love on an eternal level.

On the evening news, a commentator’s brief description of Mardi Gras in New Orleans summed up the spirit of our age. Quoting one young person he said:
“It is sin and degradation, and we love it!” 

My ministry is not a devotional one but is dedicated to the knowledge of the Holy Spirit and a dedication to the study of the word of God. Through the love of God we present the word from a biblical and hermeneutical point of view. 

We are going to present the truth of God because we are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

In closing there is a reason Jesus said no man can serve two masters. If you do not agree with bible doctrine then you are not a Christian. You may profess to be a Christian but you cannot be a Christian and be in dis-harmony with the principles, teaching, and words of Holy Scriptures. 

The bible says “choose today whom you will serve" (Joshua 24:15). The bible says in the last days many of these types who profess to be Christian will be surprise when he tells them,depart from me, I don’t even know you (Matthew 7:22-23).

I am not here to present my views as they remain obsolete in light of what Scripture has said. Yes it is hard to stand for the gospel of Jesus Christ in today’s world. No I do not want to be
vilified as a bias, angry, intolerant, and old fashion person. The truth is God has called me and with that calling comes the fire, passion, wisdom, and boldness of the Holy Spirit within. 

Today I do not only identify as a Christian. There are many who PROFESS Christianity but do not follow His Holy Scripture. Today I identify as a disciple of Jesus the Messiah. I identify and imperfectly strive to live according to Bible. The bible is the only message by which God has revealed to man how they should live. 

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please do not lean to your own understanding.

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