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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why we are here By Minister Speed

This Blog Site is design to teach the truth, the Word of God as founded in Holy Scriptures. Our Mission is to open the eyes and hearts of God’s people through the relevant teaching and preaching of The Word of God with extreme boldness, showing His grace, insight and wisdom with understanding. 

We are here to expose the false prophets and teachers who monopolize and take advantage of the body of Christ through deception.  We offer extensive and exhaustive Bible Doctrine in the name of Jesus Christ through a life of discipleship, faith, and love teaching all while being a witness of true change by the Power He has shown to us through His death burial and resurrection. 

Allow the messages here to help you develop your spiritual life in Christ the Messiah and grow with us as we spread the Word of God.


  1. Could I get you to follow on my wedgit using your "Spiritual Soldier" avatar?? It's really a neat avatar.

    1. Actually I'm very new to blogging. Can you direct me as to how or did I do it in my attempt?

  2. It shows up on my wedgit and I thank you.