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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Legislation Verses Morality By Minister Speed

Legislation does not change Morality.

Everybody's looking for the government to change things when if any change is to occur it will be through the most powerful organization on planet Earth.  

The Church. The church is the most powerful organization on planet Earth. It is time to come out of the ways of the world, align up to God's will and advance in the name of Jesus Christ.  The church has no business being dependent upon government, the church has no business being weak.  God said after the Holy Ghost come you shall receive Power !!!

But the church at this moment in America is weak, she is guilty !!! 
Speaking loud but saying nothing, letting our children go to hell while we sitting up in the pews singing....
I said the church is guilty !!! It won't speak the truth, it won't speak God's doctrine.  The church in America is teaching about prosperity, about a pie in the sky ATM god.  We need God right here in our lives, our morales and values.  The answer is not in your Voting resgistration, it's not in Obama and his philosophy of change, and legislation of taxation. It is not in food being given away.  The answer is in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  The people need TRUTH !!!!!!

We need to get them save, they need to be Born Again!!!
They need to know Jesus.  You need to know Jesus !!!

The thing about that is we have to be in Gods order to receive of His divine favor. We have allowed even our children to become open to the attacks of Satan in such disproportionate numbers that its catastrophic. We now look to the government and state officials to fix their situation.

The Holy scriptures says "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

If- a condition which suggest that a requirement must be met in order for a thing to exist.

Most of these kids and their parents have a big out of order sign on their life which gives the enemy free access to destroy their very souls.

Christ dies so we could have Salvation. Salvation is not an earthly promise but you receive it after you physicall die.

We need to come out of living in our Salvation and live IN CHRIST. To be Holy and Renew our Minds through His word.

It's going to get worse than anyone could ever imagine if you're not in God's will as a inheritor of His divine favor and blessings.

When are you going to pick up your weapon of warfare.

This is a war. Sacrifice is what victory Is measured upon.

The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and violence take it by force. When are you going to pick up your weapon of warfare.

What type of military strategy suggest waiting for the attack? Must we always be in a position of defeat before we are incensed enough to move forward in battle.

We are in the last days and we must develop a more proactive stance. We have been given The Sword of the Spirit which is the very Word of God itself. We wear the very Armor whose design was made by the hand of God.

Beside all this God Himself lives within us to ensure that His purpose, pattern, and plan are Supernaturally transmitted to us without the enemy's knowledge.

We have been made Holy, Set Apart and a Distinct Entity with a Kingdom of our own. That's not the end of it.

We have a Leader that is both King and High Priest, Warrior and Peace Maker. He by Himself stood against the forces we battle against and defeated them all soundly, completely, and permanently.

All we have to do is have Faith in Him our Commander In Chief and we are assured Salvation and then Victory against the wrath to come. If we strive to be obedient to his ways we can rest assure that the life we live on this plane will be to an advantage.

The Just shall live by faith, not logic, not reason, but faith. Get out of the problem and realize that our God is bigger than any problem. Stop looking at what you're going through and look at where you're going to. Stop focusing on the Condition and move toward the Relation.

This is abundant living. The Covenant is binding , legal, authoritative and PowerFilled.

There is more to Christ than you've been told. When are you going to pick up your weapon of warfare?


  1. Jimmie, as I posted the last comment the word verification spelt'manualG'. It reminded me that the manual we use is God's manual. Nothing is coincidence.

  2. That's right my sister !!!