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Thursday, August 30, 2012

What is Renewing of the Mind? By Minister Speed

There is no Christian success or progress after you get born again without the renewing of your mind.

The sad part is if you get born again and go to a church that doesn't teach the word of God then your mind will stay the same, and your mind will probably end up relapsing into some other things that were worse than you've done previously done in life.

My book and my teaching are all standing on "How to Renew the Mind,"through bible teaching.

What is renewing the mind?

It's when you take your way of thinking and beliefs and place them upon the word of God.

You know your mind is renewed when your thinking is aligned up precisely to what God is thinking.

What God said is right, you believe is right, and what God said is wrong you believe is wrong. It's that simple people.

When you Renew your mind and it's aligned to what God says then you are Holy.

Many folk have been waiting all their life to understand this concept of holiness. They think that wearing certain clothes, or the music you listen to or no make up is holiness, but the truth is Holiness is a direct result of having the mind of Christ.

The bible states in "Be ye Holy even as He (God) is Holy. There it is right there. It is being of One mind with Him who has all power.

You see to renew your mind Is to achieve holiness. You do this through the reading and application of God's word.

Remember the bible says without holiness no man can see the lord.

If you're not in the word then it is impossible to have a renewed mind. You can get born again and your life will remain the same with the same addicted desires and behaviors that you had before you got born again if you don't not renew your mind.

This new book " A Declaration to the Spiritual Soldier has been developed with this one thought in mine. To enable you to study the word of God and apply it's principle to TODAY'S problems and issues so that we can move forward in God's Kingdom.

"A Declaration to the Spiritual Soldier"

By: Minister Jimmie Speed

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