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Sunday, October 21, 2012

He Whom The Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed ! By Minister Speed

It is a very common and human desire to want people to accept you and to be popular among them. What I've learned is that people have their own antics or hang-up but because I'm a very direct or non-politically correct individual, and I live my life carefree, many people really don't know how to handle me. I speak my mind frankly, and I'm convinced from experience that the majority of people can't handle that. When it comes to love, there is only one whose love is unconditional and that is God Himself and even that comes with some things you must do.

Some people strive to be that way, but often fall short of it. As a result, they form opinions and attitudes’ that aren't correct. Because I'm examining myself and in spiritual inventory, it is liberating me! It is liberating me from caring about what people say and do; especially when it comes to me! I am a divine creation, made in God's image and likeness. 

Every flaw that I have, God knew about it when He made me. Every success and failure that I experience, He knew as well. The only popularity contest that I care to be in, is the one for God. Because ONLY He has the best rewards and incentive programs! 

I have accepted the fact that my life was predestined for greatness and that I am truly unique. So unique, that the eloquence and regalness that is etched in my soul is far too rich for others to fathom. Many look upon me, some come to know me, and they all just scratch their heads. Why? Because they don’t get me or the processes in which God is walking me through.

I am no longer subjected to, ruled by, nor influenced, or impacted mentally and emotionally today by the need to be accepted! Today is the day that I choose to be who and what I am, at all cost! If I never get invited into the upper echelon of society and organizations, I am at peace with knowing that I held onto the truth.

The truth of the Father! The one He gave me, when he formed and shaped me. Some reading this may wonder why it sounds like I'm just speaking of self, but it's not! Look a little deeper and you will realize what has been have sacrificed and what has been lost. Most of the time I spend giving and caring for others. I don’t regret doing any of those things, nor do I boast in them. Because ALL good things are a direct result of God.

The Father loves me. I am His vessel, chosen and specially designed. There is no need for affirmation from anybody walking and breathing. God is maturing me in this area through these experiences. I'm learning to carefully elect that which I allow to occupy the corridors of my mind, will, and emotions. God is my filter, He is my EVERYTHING and I have everything I could ever need or want...in Yahshua (Jesus)! I can speak His truth and not fear reprisal or retribution from anyone or anything. 
 I am Gods agent!!!

For those who read this and are offended, perhaps it’s time to try on new focus lenses. Take the time to re-evaluate yourself, so that no one else has to! Be blessed in Yahshua Hamaschia who is Jesus the Christ.

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