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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Christians Financially Supporting Satan? By Minister Speed

Here at The Christian Restoration Ministry we believe that when Christians shop they should do so at companies dedicated to Renewing the Mind and Transforming Lives through Jesus Christ. We feel strongly that the products we buy and the ministries we support should reflect the same goal. 

We believe in the life changing power of the Bible and it’s Savor Jesus Christ, and support ministries like The Christian Renaissance Inreach Ministries, as well as Ex Ministries in their endeavor to reach the world with God’s Word.

Our mission is to be a resource center that provides for spiritual and intellectual needs. We feel the music we listen to should glorify God and encourages others to grow in their faith. 

We believe the books we read should teach Godly principles and challenge readers to understand God in a more intimate way. The gifts and framed art pieces in the stores we buy from should carry reminders of God’s love, strength, power, and holiness. They should remind us of the wonder of the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. 

The educational resources materials we offer help build up and enable future generations to be prepared for the plans God has for them.

Listen my brothers and sisters; it is time to stop supporting the retailers of this world who don’t support the Christian Agenda. It is clear that they are against our God and they make every effort to eradicate God from this Country. 

I see numerous Christians especially the sisters who sport expensive handbags, shoes and clothing made by homosexual designers, or retailers who support or mentor those who have made it clear that Christianity is a cause they want to bring down. I liken this to sleeping with the enemy.

The bible states in Proverbs 13:22 A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. There should be a Transfer of Wealth in the USA but we as Christians are still serving the world and our children and their children are being assured no earthly inheritance by their parents. 

The average Christian is hypocritical, ignorant, and a microorganism of the world itself.

It’s time to stop being led by the enemy with his subtle marketing ploys and subliminal suggestion which seduces Christians to buy and shop according to the dictates of this world.

Now, regarding the media (Multi*Ethnic*Destruction*In*America) industry.

We know that Hollywood clearly doesn’t respect or honor Christianity, and in fact, goes out of its way to abuse and mock Christians. They have turned a deaf ear to Christians for decades, and as a consequence, have taken a huge financial hit at the box office the last several years. Christian Americans have voted “no more” to Hollywood abuse.

Money is the only thing they understand, so an uncompromising financial message needs to be sent to big corporations that whenever they abuse or support the abuse of Christians, they will pay a very dear price. It’s time to come out of her (the world) so that you receive not of her judgements and her rewards. 

Stop supporting the world and start supporting Jesus!!!!

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