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Monday, June 25, 2012

Forgiveness By Minister Speed

All of us living and breathing have experienced some very troublesome episodes in our lives. As an African American, I personally have either experienced some very hurtful things first hand, or had a very up-close view of others go through some very hurtful things. Bitterness is a choice, just like forgiveness and love.

I truly believe that one's ability to properly assess and handle "harsh" experiences stems from their spiritual foundation.

Though I am a Christian, I have in times past struggled with the root of bitterness, and I did so for many years until I realized that I was the one in bondage. As a result all of my blessings and gifts were being held captive and in hostage.

While these other people, who'd hurt me, some intentionally and some by accident, were still living their lives. When you don't forgive someone, it is just like carrying around a dead body, with it being attached to your very own.

Can you imagine the stench, the smell, the public perception that others have, from watching someone walk around with a dead body on their living body? Now, take a minute and imagine it being a multiple number of dead bodies? 

Eventually the decaying flesh from the body or bodies begins to be saturated into your own skin, which eventually enters the blood stream, and affects every vital organ in your own body? Now to anybody with any amount of intelligence, that would be crazy and scary to watch someone walk around like that.

Out of love and deep concern for the person doing this, I personally would approach them and ask some serious questions, in hopes that it will make them see the insanity attached to what they're doing and how they are "living".

The root of bitterness must be dealt with by the individual.

This of course is going to require a lot on honesty with one self. Something that I'm finding now a days isn't popular. People actually would rather deflect it off on others, so that their nasty side isn't seen. Choosing avoidance and no interaction with certain people because of their need to feel validated.

It really is a sad reality for that individual because they are in such a state of bondage and it feels better to be able to not deal with themselves.

Oftentimes prayer really is the only thing that you can do for these kind. They are the kind who attract the wrong kind of people to themselves, end up being or feeling victimized, and then turning around to validate why they are bitter. Many people miss out on rare chances of happiness because of this very deep seated issue. 

Many people choose to remain bitter, even once apologies are offered from others who have possibly "grazed" an area of sensitivity. It's not the apology that these bitter people are really after. It is the feeling of power and control. Even if it puts them on the negative end of spiritual and life energies. Having the feeling and fulfillment of power and control doesn't have to come as a result of holding others hostage. It isn't fair or rational either to make everyone else pay for what someone else has done.

If you are finding it difficult to automatically give people a clean slate, upon first meeting them and getting to know them, then you are bitter. If someone you've known for a long time has apologized for something they did or said wrong, and they have not repeated the offense, then you are bitter. If you can't seem to form healthy new relationship with new people, without bringing up the past, then you are bitter. 

If you can't let go of offense after a certain amount of time, then you are bitter. Deal with it! Before it deal with you, by manifesting itself in your health, finances, emotions, home, job, marriage, and other relationships and activities. Cancer, diabetes, migraines, insomnia, muscular disorders, blood disorders, and heart attacks; all of these can and often are the result of bitterness.

Ask yourself, is bitterness worth having this much power and control over my life, my mind, my will, my emotions, and anything else that I place a great deal of value upon. And most importantly, is it worth your time. That is something given to us as a gift from God. And since when have we become greater than God, and can steal and rob His time, to be bitter with His creations? 

Have a blessed day.

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