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Friday, May 11, 2012

Does God choose or favor people over others By Minister Speed

Excerpt from my new book "A Declaration to the Spiritual Soldier."

I was sitting in a group discussion and most of the participants were not Christian, believers or disiciples. The discussion turned to those who believe that their concept of god would not choose a person over another, nor does he have the power over life and death, nor good and bad experiences happening to a person. They also went on to say that they chose their god. I'm posting this excerpt from my new book A Declaration to the Spiritual Soldier to show what God has revealed to me about the very subject.

Listen if you know me then you know that I read multiple books at a time. I have never seen such a book before. It is power pack with essential Christian based revelaton knowledge that will answer many of your questions as well as show you insights you may have been lacking. Here is that Excerpt frm my new book Pg. 55 & 56.

"I equate being chosen to be on God’s team to two amateur football players who want to play for the Oakland Raiders. 

They plan a year ahead of time to attend camp as undrafted players. One of the amateur player talks with former professional who once played for the Raiders and gets inside information concerning training, the playbook, and the attitude of the coach. He parlays this into an excellent opportunity to prepare, working out rigorously, and studying to understand the offensive and defensive strategies of the team. The other amateur while having a desire to play professional football uses his time to hang out at football games watching players, occasionally working out when he thought about it, and not preparing for the mindset necessary to play at the professional level.

When it was time for camp tryouts they both took the trip each with anticipatory nervousness. They were introduce to their prospective coaches and told there would be a one day tryout with a cut the very same day. They both work really hard and gave it their best and at the end of the day went to see the roster and those who had been cut and not chosen. The amateur who had inside information, and had studied the strategies of the team while rigorously working, saw that he had been chosen to stay with the team and play as a professional player. 

The other amateur while having a strong desire saw that he had been cut from the team and not chosen. When he talked to the coach, he asked why he was not chosen and his friend allowed to remain.. The coach replied, “To play at this level you’ve got to show the potential and be prepared as soon as possible. You’ve had some time to prepare but you spent that time not focusing on the things that related to this team. You were attempting to have balance with your lifestyle while you’re friend gave himself and everything he had to make this team.

The moral of this story is many are called but few are chosen. God is looking at your heart, willingness to serve, and gratitude for the opportunity. This is equated to your training, focus, and understanding. Lastly one of the most important thing to remember is seen in the book of John chapter 15:16 where Christ makes the statement, ‘Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen (predetermine) you, and ordain (qualified) you, that you should go forth and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit (harvest) remain.”  

Many times I hear people mistakenly say that they chose God, that they chose their ministry. This is due to the sinful and egoic nature of mankind. If we are to be called it is because of God’s mercy and grace. Afterwards we must answer the calling. If we are to be Chosen we must be humble and have a heart for service to God".

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