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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

About my new book, A Declaration to the Spiritual Soldier By Minister Speed

I don’t have a problem with the traditional church, but I do have a problem with church traditions overriding the gospel of Jesus Christ and presenting stumbling blocks to the millions who will never enter into the church house and be saved. The church house does not save. It is Jesus Christ who saves.


When I say traditional church I am not talking about the church of God of which Jesus Christ is Lord.  I am talking about the Northern American church that has largely forsaken its mission covenant with God to become part of a largely capitalistic, consumer, materialistic and organized religion which substitutes church for a clubhouse experience where religious people hang out with other religious people who dress, behave, vote, and believe like them.

This book will separate me from the millions in that world who never be able to see why I wrote it and who will never understand the content of it. 

 This book is not for you if you are content with the status quo.  If twice a week church attendance and singing in the choir are enough for you, it will definitely cause you offense. 

This book is not for you if you cannot separate faith from institutionalize religion, or if you can’t contemplate a God that is larger than your experience of Him in your church experience.
 On the other hand if you believe that God has not abandoned us, then by all means purchase this book.  If you know deep down where you live that the world we live in is evil and radically different and that the church is in a state of apostate making it impossible to deliver Gods message to the millions upon million who are lost within her own corridors and to world outside, then please pick up this book.

 Let me be blunt.  I am writing this book as a polemical textbook.  I want to stir up the body of Christ.  Especially those “who get it.”  This book is controversial because it presents the unadulterated word of God without compromise.  This book speaks of the renewing of the mind. 

This book speaks of the examining of one’s self through the standard of Holy Scriptures and not the religious institution you attend.   

 I want it known that this nor any books I publish are NOT published to convince people of ANYTHING founded on it by my efforts, as the convincing belongs to the "Spirit of God."  Nor is it published to coerce people into following what is presented within it.  However, I do know that the days ahead will more than validate and authenticate the integrity which does lie upon its pages. 

 We must come to the understanding that we are on a journey, and in that journey, it is not so much of where we are at presently, but WHERE WE ARE GOING.  God Himself is the author and finisher of the Book.  We are merely cascading towards an apocalyptic and all-consuming end. 

 The quality of church that must emerge in the North Americas must be able to see that millions upon millions will never enter the traditional church house and receive salvation.  There are millions under 30 who have no God consciousness at all.  

As I stated in the Introduction of this new book, they have not accepted the tenants of Christianity and live a pagan lifestyle in which if it feels good, then it must be good.  They are technologically advanced, politically astute, educationally empowered, but lack the necessary moral compass derived from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

 In a way they are a reflection of our brothers and sisters within the church who gives them credence to remain ignorance in God because they see no value or difference between Christianity and this world.  To them the average Christian is hypocritical, ignorant, and a micro- organism of the world itself.

Listen they are not stupid.  They understand the workings of the world and see the wolves and false teaching better than the religious addicts who sit by blindly in the pew with their self- righteous attitude leaning toward self will run riot. 

My life calling has been to reach Gods people who are unaware they are lost so that they can go out and reach a harvest because “The Harvest Is Ripe.”  The Harvest Is Ripe.”  When was the last time you felt new power flow into your life?  When was the last time the Holy Spirit came to you in a still small voice and told you while in the supermarket, while on vacation or better yet while driving, “STOP AND DISCIPLE.   

As Christians we are in a war and this war is for your soul and the souls of the lost.  Did you know that you are responsible?  Not your Pastor, not your Deacon, but you are responsible as a laborer in the harvest.

 We are not on a pleasure cruise, or just experiencing life as it naturally unfolds people.  We are IN A WAR ZONE.  As I stated in my new book this war that is being fought is between Yahweh Elohim and Satan himself, between Jesus Christ and the anti-Christ, the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness. 

 If you are not viewing your existence on this earth from the perspective of warfare, YOU ARE AND HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY DECEIVED!!!  Not only deceived, but headed toward a speeding train wreck with a horrific ending.  The days SOON ahead are going to be horrendous.

When I speak of Army I do not mean one of flesh but the army of the Lord God Himself.  When I say weapons I do not mean those that would inflict physical wounds but spiritual warfare.  This is the power of Yahweh Himself living within us.  Do not be deceived.  The truth is available but many rely upon corrupt man to dispense it without thought as to who that man is or what is his motivation.

 We are told in 1st John 5 that "the whole world lieth in wickedness."  Is that THE TRUTH?  If so, then what kind of world are we living in?  And, how did this come to be?  Why is the whole world operating in WICKEDNESS?  Do you see it that way?  If you don’t see it that way, then ask yourself WHY NOT?  

 We are all physically living in this world "The Kingdom of Darkness" Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth.  That kingdom is working overtime to hold us in its captivity through lies, deception, and illusion.  

It IS "The Satan’s MATRIX" and we are being programmed constantly through its propaganda, through the techniques of mind control, both from this natural realm and upon our minds from the spirit realm. We now know that this is taking place in the world but few realize that this stronghold has made its way into the church house of God through Jesus Christ.   This "strong delusion" is taking everyone who does not receive the "love for the truth" to destruction.

 People, we are in a very serious day.  This nation has cursed itself "unto death", unto severe judgment, and those judgments ARE FALLING.  With over 53 million abortions, slavery, the genocide of people in every country on the planet, inequity of justice, the modern slavery called private prison farms. The "Beginning of Sorrows" IS ESCALATING.  Natural calamities are ON THE RISE.  We are constantly on the threshold of economic chaos.

New diseases are showing up constantly and on top of that On top of that, the New World Order or biblically the political and religious BEAST as prophesied in Revelation has determined to wipe the believers off of the face of the earth, and has set up the necessary machinery to do just that.

 People everywhere are wondering what is wrong with their life.  Most are running to and fro, especially the Internet "surfers", to try and find a solution, while the Bible gathers dust within the reach of their hand. 

Yes, knowledge is increasing at a very rapid rate, yet life for most seems to worsen.  Why hasn't this increase of knowledge brought about happiness?  As you will see, the solution to the happy, successful life is very plain when a person's understanding is opened.

 You can run all over ever learning, hoping someone will solve your problems for you, but until you find the Truth and apply it to your life, your life WILL NOT CHANGE.  God is not obligated to bless you if your house is not in order.  We cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results.  That is insanity.  

Therefore God brings that which will cause the desire in us for change, and then gives us revelation of His Word that causes that change, if we will submit to it.  Yes, He is the one who does the work, who energizes us, enables us to submit, but we will have to submit by applying ourselves to the revelation He is opening to us in order to come into that which He is changing us to.

 Gaining head knowledge is one thing; gaining experience of that knowledge through life's experiences is quite another.  The Word does NOT become flesh in us by the gaining of head knowledge.  It may be the beginning of change, but it will not bring forth actual change.  What changes us is being put into situations where the Word becomes life in us by putting our selves on the cross, and letting the Word come forth in us.  

This IS what is happening to those who are being put through very difficult times, if they are walking the walk with Yahweh Elohim correctly.  If such a one is walking correctly, then the Word will come forth in that individual, become life in them, and by that bring the individual into subjection of the Word, and the Word is Jesus Christ who is manifesting Himself within us.

 There are a number of people with a "Great Calling" upon their life, and KNOW it.  Yet, they are isolated and hidden from view.  They are frustrated, because their "calling" seems of little value, let alone be that which is bringing forth fruit.  Because of that "calling", the enemy has launched viciously upon them, and has worked overtime to keep them suppressed, oppressed and ISOLATED!  These are the ones with whom I am trying to reach.  They need the understanding of what is happening to them, and WHY! 

 In closing, the most important matter, the high priority on our list, should be to come out of all the lies and deceptions that are running rampant over the earth, and come into the truth.  Those that do NOT do so will be left in with a "Strong Delusion", and the ultimate consequence of such.   

Pick up my new book “A Declaration to the Spiritual Soldier.”  It is power pack with biblical principles as revealed to me from God, which will enable you to develop and RENEW your mind so you may escape deception in the church today and the coming destruction.

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