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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pt. 2 A Christian Perspective, A Year Without Television By Minister Speed

Morals and values, commonly accepted beliefs of right and wrong, are reflected in a person's actions, thinking, and emotional reactions. The American Academy of Pediatrics notes repeated viewing of violent television shows changes one's views and increases antisocial attitudes. The American Association for Cancer Research says adolescents who frequently see smoking on television are more likely to smoke.

I think TV and pop culture in general does influence what people perceive being normal and average.  People's moral values are formed in part by what they consider "normal". Things that people consider "normal" and "moral" today might have seemed outrageous a hundred years ago. Morals are created in the context we live in, which is not the same for everyone.  (For example, there are those that consider viewing porn "normal", and there are those who don't. I imagine you could find those who consider stripping no big deal, a harmless diversion enjoyed by "normal" men, and you will no doubt find people who find strip clubs immoral.  

Today's TV programming: glorifies crime, violence, sex, deceitfulness, and greed.  It glorifies the police state, gangsters, scams, swindles, dysfunctional society, dysfunctional families, money worship, and views moreover the constant police state verses the criminal elements and murders as if only these awful things are the only thing that the TV viewer wants.

Look at it this way, that old liar Satan is constantly looking to influence your beliefs. He is constantly looking for a way into your head and heart, constantly seeking to make you think that selfishness (sin) is normal and acceptable and you shouldn't trouble your little head about it. He is constantly trying to make you question God. His favorite tactic is to ask you, "Did God really say that?" whether by asking you directly as he did to Eve in the garden.  Satan is constantly seeking to undermine the government of God and the battle field is taking place in the minds and hearts of mankind So the wise Christian learns to ask if there are any of those Satanic messages or questions in TV.  

The answer would have to be yes.  There are so many you almost can't count them all.   TV does affect your moral values at the very deepest core. It makes you question whether your morals and values are worth having simply by constantly questioning their worth, constantly questioning whether they are moral.  And by affecting them in that manner, you accept it without question.  It is so subtle that you don't even notice it is happening. I mean, the very existence of this message  is proof that it does, because TV has taught you that there has to be scientific proof that it is affecting your morals whereas you would have known without proof that it was in times past, simply because you would have recognized the constant questioning of your values and the constant attack they were under.
If that isn't enough to convince you, then look at the TV programs themselves. TV producers keep pushing the envelope in the direction of sin, but slowly enough that you accept that drift. Fifty years ago, you didn't swear on TV. You didn't show couple sleeping in the same bed or a pregnant woman, not because a married couple sharing a bed or a pregnant woman is morally wrong, but because children deserved to be innocent and families deserved to be allowed when and how they wanted to tell their children about sex. That discussion was not to be forced upon a family at the discretion of a television program. You certainly didn't push something more adult upon a family's children than sharing a bed or pregnancy. Over the last fifty years the envelope has been pushed until the graphic sexual discussion that like Two and a Half Men is allowed on TV.  Now we have to discuss graphic sex with our young children, or turn the TV off. Can you guess which I've done?

Over 6 hours a day are spent by the average American family watching movies, television or videos. Dick Rolfe, movie and television specialist and head of the Dove Foundation (an organization which identifies movies and videos meeting family standards), remarks "…when you spend that much time watching something, you have just developed new role models and a new window on life.  I think that with the destructive value of some television and movies… [viewers] get the wrong impression and a distorted view of what life is really like. 

Dr. Ted Baehr of the Christian-based “Movie Guide” comments, "It certainly is causing us to have a society that's being corrupted and cancerously destroyed in terms of its moral values."  According to Rolfe, arguments about the harmlessness of movies on our society don't ring true when compared with over 6,000 independent studies that prove exactly the contrary. Recently, the cable television industry sponsored a multiple-year study performed by Media Scope.

The study conclusively proved through gathering those existing studies, plus the addition of its own independent that, in fact, art does lead life - that life does follow art and society does reflect the values of film and television.  However, is decadence in the media the main cause of our society's moral degeneration? Or are there other involved factors being overlooked?

Dr. Michael Sunman, coordinator of The Center for Communications Policy at the University of California at Los Angeles, is doing a three year analysis of the effects of violence on television. Dr. Sunman has lived and taught in Japan and other Asian countries and offers his perspective on the effects of media: I would never want to say that the mass media does not have a powerful influence and effect on people. It does. But that having been said, it is much too simplistic just to blame all of this on TV. And we see that very much when we look at other cultures such as Japan.

The media in Japan is more violent that it is in the United States. But notice the factor such as the structure of the family. In the United States, 30% of children are born out of wedlock. Among African Americans the figure is up to 70%. Compare that with Japan where the figure is about 1%. Teenage pregnancy rates are directly related to that. In the United States, the teenage pregnancy rates are 16 times what they are in Japan. And if you look at Japanese society, the rates of violent crime are much lower than they are in the United States. Murder rates and rates of rape are 1/10th to 1/20th of what they are in the United States. Just blaming film and television for all these problems is much too simplistic if we look at other cultures.

Why does Japan appear to have so much success is controlling the media to not affect its impressionable viewers? Dr. Sunman believes it is because the family structure in Japan is very important. The government has gone out of the way in realizing that an intact family unit is a very important thing to maintain. Governmental policies foster it. Tax policies encourage it. University and school acceptance programs encourage it.

Children born out of wedlock can have a very difficult time in Japanese society. Schools discriminate against illegitimate children and will refuse acceptance. There continues to be a sense of shame in Japan in looking upon children born out of wedlock. Japan has an intact family structure and that is incredibly important in terms of why the rate of violent crime in Japan is incredibly low.  

Why is a more intact family less susceptible to violence portrayed in media? There are multiple factors, but perhaps the most relevant one is parental involvement in children's lives whereas in America it is commonplace to have upward of 70% of some American Families have single parent household. This anomaly is look upon as the norm and carries with it no social stigma nor is there a concerted effort by local, state, and governmental agencies to correct this issue through National policies.

Child psychologist Dr. Debra Kowalski emphasizes:

If your child is watching television and you see something inappropriate that's coming around the bend and you interfere with that and stop it, you've given that child a very important message: you've taught them that that is not appropriate for them. If a parent goes with a child to a movie theater and there's something inappropriate that's coming on the screen and the parent says, "this isn't for you to see, let's leave," and takes the child out, that's a profound message to the child.  A good value system is extremely important in children's lives, and it must be consistently applied - not just for children, but for adults.

Media watchdog Ted Baehr echoes the need to reinforce proper use of media.

The most important step in helping your children to really be able to use the media properly and to become your allies in the battle in this tidal wave of media that's happening is to help them understand what your values are - to help them understand the difference between good and evil, and what you believe about what makes a man worthy and humble and kind and loving and generous. You need to teach them the things you want them to model. What is the worldview? We live in a real world, created by a real God. Those things are very important. The next step is to get them to understand the media that they're watching by asking the right questions. 'Well, who is the hero? Who is the villain? What is the worldview?'

Dr. Kowalski believes that spiritual values are just not discussed in our society, but that must change. After all, what is the most important thing for us to be concerned about? Spiritual values.  Taking control of our TV set will not eliminate the moral issues from our lives. Everyone needs a proper value system in order to deal with the media and other aspects of life. And that means recognizing that it's not our personal desires that determine what's right or wrong.

Many in our society today have been taught that there are no moral absolutes. God clearly disagrees. He calls us to live righteously and guide our families in everything we do - even watching TV. There are absolutes and they are outlined for us in the Bible. Based on my many years of study, I and many committed Christians firmly believe that Christians need to "live up to what Christ is calling us to do and be… There are absolutes - absolutely, without question."

Our Savior has given us His words about the way into eternal life, yet most do not understand His words. “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in there at. Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, few there be that find it.” HE has warned us that few find this way into eternal life; and the great reason that few find this way is that few really want to give up the love of the world and what is in it, and, because so many love the world and what is in it, they are cut off from the Spirit of God!

Therefore, because of their love for the worldly things, they cannot simultaneously love the Lord our God with all of their hearts, minds, souls and strength, which is the first greatest commandment. “For, no servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon!”(Luke 16:13).

Most want to mix the things of the world with their spiritual walks and as a result there are great, great numbers, who are lukewarm in their spiritual walks! You must surely know what our Savior says about those, who are lukewarm in their spiritual walk: “I know thy works, that thou are neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou are LUKEWARM, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth (Rev. 3:16).”

Oh, Lord, our Mighty King; have mercy on your people for they are stalked from every side. Have mercy on their souls, oh Blessed Savior; for the time of great travail is upon us all. My brothers and sisters the word is clear.  The way into salvation is a strait and narrow way.  There is no other way.  If you continue to pollute your soul with things of this world, you will become lukewarm in your spiritual walks, or will become totally cut off from the Spirit of God.  


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spiritual Exercise, Spiritual Experiences, Spiritual Revealtions By Minister Speed

As many of you know I believe that the word of God is relevant and holds true for us today as much as it was written in the days of old.  Brothers and Sisters we are entering a exciting yet fearsome new dispensation for the world we live in.  The word of God is coming alive and gives us precise instructions on what to expect and how to react.  I would like to give a relevant word of knowledge from God.

Spiritual Exercise 

The active conditioning of the Spirit man using the Power of the Holy Spirit to consciously and appropriately apply Gods Word.
The Bible teaches the importance of training and conditioning in order to follow Christ. Jesus is calling Christians to train and practice a godly lifestyle.
The following Bible verses provide principles on how to be more Christ-like. Study and mediate on these passages so you can be trained in righteousness and be equipped for every good work.

Here are some God breathing scriptures to help you develop spiritual Exercise to condition your spirit man.

Proverb 22:6
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Luke 6:40
A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher.

1 Corinthians 9:25
Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.

Ephesians 6:4
Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.

1 Timothy 4:7
Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives' tales; rather, train yourself to be godly.

1 Timothy 4:8
For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

2 Timothy 3:16-17

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Spiritual Experiences

The displacement and rearrangement of Ideas and beliefs to allow the word of God to take effect.
Some people have strong religious experiences, and think of them as proof of God's working in their hearts.
Often these experiences give people a sense of the importance of the spiritual world, and the reality of divine things. However, these, too, are no sure proof of salvation.

Demons and damned human beings have many spiritual experiences which have a great effect on their heart attitudes. They live in the spiritual world and see first-hand what it is like.  Their sufferings show them the worth of salvation and the worth of a human soul in the most powerful way imaginable.

The parable in Luke chapter 16 teaches this clearly, as the suffering man asks that Lazarus might be sent to tell his brothers to avoid this place of torment. No doubt people in hell now have a distinct idea of the vastness of eternity, and of the shortness of life.  They are completely convinced that all the things of this life are unimportant when compared to the experiences of the eternal world.  People now in hell have a great sense of the preciousness of time, and of the wonderful opportunities people have, who have the privilege of hearing the Gospel. They are completely aware of the foolishness of their sin, of neglecting opportunities, and ignoring the warnings of God.

When sinners find out by personal experience the final result of their sin there is "weeping and gnashing of teeth." (Matt 13:42) So even the most powerful religious experiences are not a sure sign of God's grace in the heart.
Demons and damned people also have a strong sense of God's majesty and power. God's power is most clearly displayed in his execution of divine vengeance upon his enemies. 

"What if God, choosing to show his wrath and make his power known, bore with great patience the objects of his wrath-prepared for destruction?" (Rom 9:22) Shuddering, the devils await their final punishment, under the strongest sense of God's majesty.

They feel it now, of course, but in the future it will show to the greatest degree, when the Lord Jesus "is revealed from heaven in blazing fire with his powerful angels." (2 Thess 2:7) On that day, they will desire to be run away, to be hidden from the presence of God. "Look, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him; and all the peoples of the earth will mourn because of him." (Rev 1:7) So everyone will see him in the glory of His Father. But, obviously, not all who see him will be saved. Make sure you're experiences line up with the word of God.

Spiritual Revelations

To hear the revealed word of God and as a result vision Gods Purpose, Pattern, and Plan for your life.
Ephesians 1:17 "I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better."

Revelation- based learning" invites the Holy Spirit into the center of the learning process. Spirit-Anointed Teachers draw their listeners into revelation based learning.   “They were amazed at His teaching; He was teaching them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.” (Mark 1:22)

What is Revelation-based Knolwedge?

An example of revelation knowledge is when you are reading the Bible and a verse leaps off the page, hits you between the eyes, and God says, "This is for you right now." These are precious experiences for the believer. However, for many, they do not happen often enough. There are several things I do which allow me the privilege of receiving revelation knowledge every time I read the Bible.

Truth and insights leap off the page and an understanding of how they are to adjust my life permeates my spirit and soul. I love this experience and hunger for it every time I read the Scriptures. 

I have taken the liberty of listing 7 principles that will help you gain Spiritual Revelation from God in Christ and propel you into NEW dynamic living in 2013.

1.To honestly and earnestly receive Jesus Christ as LORD. This settles where we will be when we die and brings peace to our soul. If God is Lord, then he must be in absolute control of our life, our decisions, choices, and actions. Any decision without specific action is delusional as faith without work is dead.

2.To constantly read the Holy Scriptures. Our life and experiences are a testimony to God and we must constantly test our mind (examination) against the word of God for personal growth (renewal). In II Timothy 2:15 (paraphrased) it says study the word of God to show that you may confirm it, and be able to receive all that God has promised, with expertise and understanding of Him who sent it , able to give portions of the word to those that are lost without being ashamed yourself. The Holy Scripture are the foundation for life.

3.To have a strong prayer life. Jesus said the prayer of a righteous man avails much. We have also been commanded to pray for one another. As Christians, prayer is a power source and as we are in perilous times, all of our actions and ideas must be grounded in prayer.

4.To maintain a clear conscious with GodTo understand that God has placed within us the Holy Spirit to guide, direct, teach, and also to warn us or give signals when we are missing the mark in sin. To strengthen His presence, we must confess our sins and then repent (stop and turn away) in Jesus’s name. There must be no controversy between believer and God as sin retained will separate us from God’s presence.

5.To be Holy. God has called us to be set apart, to be different and peculiar. We are to live in the world, but not act as those who are of the world. To live in this world means to minimize the works of the Holy Spirit in our lives. To be holy is to live as God commands in His Holy Scripture. To be able to live this way we must be empowered by the Holy Spirit. 

Listen most people wait a lifetime wanting to know what being holy means.  Simply put to be holy is to believe what God says is wrong...IS WRONG, and to believe what God says is right...IS RIGHT.  The reading of the bible MUST be the foundational exercise in your life.

6.To have a proper attitudeAttitude denotes a stance or perception on life. As Christians, our attitudes should reflect an understanding of God’s will in our life. We are married to Christ and should be mindful of anything we bring into this relationship or place before this marriage as this would constitute adultery. God does not want anything before Him in this Holy relationship.

7.To put on the full armor of God. Although the war has been won, the scripture states “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places… (EPH 6:12). This battle is from within and we must be prepared for warfare at all time. For this reason, we understand the spiritual strategies (principles) God has given us to defeat the enemy’s attack. We believe that understanding of God’s armor will bring victory in every area of life.
    Lastly know that if you are out of order then God is not obligated to bring FAVOR and BLESSINGS your way.  Many people have a big OUT OF ORDER sign on their life and are begging and pleading for God to bring supernatural change, prosperity, and favor their way.  If you keep on living the way you did in 2011, then you will get the same things you had in 2012.  God bless and LET'S GET IN ORDER!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

About my new book, A Declaration to the Spiritual Soldier By Minister Speed

I don’t have a problem with the traditional church, but I do have a problem with church traditions overriding the gospel of Jesus Christ and presenting stumbling blocks to the millions who will never enter into the church house and be saved. The church house does not save. It is Jesus Christ who saves.


When I say traditional church I am not talking about the church of God of which Jesus Christ is Lord.  I am talking about the Northern American church that has largely forsaken its mission covenant with God to become part of a largely capitalistic, consumer, materialistic and organized religion which substitutes church for a clubhouse experience where religious people hang out with other religious people who dress, behave, vote, and believe like them.

This book will separate me from the millions in that world who never be able to see why I wrote it and who will never understand the content of it. 

 This book is not for you if you are content with the status quo.  If twice a week church attendance and singing in the choir are enough for you, it will definitely cause you offense. 

This book is not for you if you cannot separate faith from institutionalize religion, or if you can’t contemplate a God that is larger than your experience of Him in your church experience.
 On the other hand if you believe that God has not abandoned us, then by all means purchase this book.  If you know deep down where you live that the world we live in is evil and radically different and that the church is in a state of apostate making it impossible to deliver Gods message to the millions upon million who are lost within her own corridors and to world outside, then please pick up this book.

 Let me be blunt.  I am writing this book as a polemical textbook.  I want to stir up the body of Christ.  Especially those “who get it.”  This book is controversial because it presents the unadulterated word of God without compromise.  This book speaks of the renewing of the mind. 

This book speaks of the examining of one’s self through the standard of Holy Scriptures and not the religious institution you attend.   

 I want it known that this nor any books I publish are NOT published to convince people of ANYTHING founded on it by my efforts, as the convincing belongs to the "Spirit of God."  Nor is it published to coerce people into following what is presented within it.  However, I do know that the days ahead will more than validate and authenticate the integrity which does lie upon its pages. 

 We must come to the understanding that we are on a journey, and in that journey, it is not so much of where we are at presently, but WHERE WE ARE GOING.  God Himself is the author and finisher of the Book.  We are merely cascading towards an apocalyptic and all-consuming end. 

 The quality of church that must emerge in the North Americas must be able to see that millions upon millions will never enter the traditional church house and receive salvation.  There are millions under 30 who have no God consciousness at all.  

As I stated in the Introduction of this new book, they have not accepted the tenants of Christianity and live a pagan lifestyle in which if it feels good, then it must be good.  They are technologically advanced, politically astute, educationally empowered, but lack the necessary moral compass derived from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

 In a way they are a reflection of our brothers and sisters within the church who gives them credence to remain ignorance in God because they see no value or difference between Christianity and this world.  To them the average Christian is hypocritical, ignorant, and a micro- organism of the world itself.

Listen they are not stupid.  They understand the workings of the world and see the wolves and false teaching better than the religious addicts who sit by blindly in the pew with their self- righteous attitude leaning toward self will run riot. 

My life calling has been to reach Gods people who are unaware they are lost so that they can go out and reach a harvest because “The Harvest Is Ripe.”  The Harvest Is Ripe.”  When was the last time you felt new power flow into your life?  When was the last time the Holy Spirit came to you in a still small voice and told you while in the supermarket, while on vacation or better yet while driving, “STOP AND DISCIPLE.   

As Christians we are in a war and this war is for your soul and the souls of the lost.  Did you know that you are responsible?  Not your Pastor, not your Deacon, but you are responsible as a laborer in the harvest.

 We are not on a pleasure cruise, or just experiencing life as it naturally unfolds people.  We are IN A WAR ZONE.  As I stated in my new book this war that is being fought is between Yahweh Elohim and Satan himself, between Jesus Christ and the anti-Christ, the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness. 

 If you are not viewing your existence on this earth from the perspective of warfare, YOU ARE AND HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY DECEIVED!!!  Not only deceived, but headed toward a speeding train wreck with a horrific ending.  The days SOON ahead are going to be horrendous.

When I speak of Army I do not mean one of flesh but the army of the Lord God Himself.  When I say weapons I do not mean those that would inflict physical wounds but spiritual warfare.  This is the power of Yahweh Himself living within us.  Do not be deceived.  The truth is available but many rely upon corrupt man to dispense it without thought as to who that man is or what is his motivation.

 We are told in 1st John 5 that "the whole world lieth in wickedness."  Is that THE TRUTH?  If so, then what kind of world are we living in?  And, how did this come to be?  Why is the whole world operating in WICKEDNESS?  Do you see it that way?  If you don’t see it that way, then ask yourself WHY NOT?  

 We are all physically living in this world "The Kingdom of Darkness" Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth.  That kingdom is working overtime to hold us in its captivity through lies, deception, and illusion.  

It IS "The Satan’s MATRIX" and we are being programmed constantly through its propaganda, through the techniques of mind control, both from this natural realm and upon our minds from the spirit realm. We now know that this is taking place in the world but few realize that this stronghold has made its way into the church house of God through Jesus Christ.   This "strong delusion" is taking everyone who does not receive the "love for the truth" to destruction.

 People, we are in a very serious day.  This nation has cursed itself "unto death", unto severe judgment, and those judgments ARE FALLING.  With over 53 million abortions, slavery, the genocide of people in every country on the planet, inequity of justice, the modern slavery called private prison farms. The "Beginning of Sorrows" IS ESCALATING.  Natural calamities are ON THE RISE.  We are constantly on the threshold of economic chaos.

New diseases are showing up constantly and on top of that On top of that, the New World Order or biblically the political and religious BEAST as prophesied in Revelation has determined to wipe the believers off of the face of the earth, and has set up the necessary machinery to do just that.

 People everywhere are wondering what is wrong with their life.  Most are running to and fro, especially the Internet "surfers", to try and find a solution, while the Bible gathers dust within the reach of their hand. 

Yes, knowledge is increasing at a very rapid rate, yet life for most seems to worsen.  Why hasn't this increase of knowledge brought about happiness?  As you will see, the solution to the happy, successful life is very plain when a person's understanding is opened.

 You can run all over ever learning, hoping someone will solve your problems for you, but until you find the Truth and apply it to your life, your life WILL NOT CHANGE.  God is not obligated to bless you if your house is not in order.  We cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results.  That is insanity.  

Therefore God brings that which will cause the desire in us for change, and then gives us revelation of His Word that causes that change, if we will submit to it.  Yes, He is the one who does the work, who energizes us, enables us to submit, but we will have to submit by applying ourselves to the revelation He is opening to us in order to come into that which He is changing us to.

 Gaining head knowledge is one thing; gaining experience of that knowledge through life's experiences is quite another.  The Word does NOT become flesh in us by the gaining of head knowledge.  It may be the beginning of change, but it will not bring forth actual change.  What changes us is being put into situations where the Word becomes life in us by putting our selves on the cross, and letting the Word come forth in us.  

This IS what is happening to those who are being put through very difficult times, if they are walking the walk with Yahweh Elohim correctly.  If such a one is walking correctly, then the Word will come forth in that individual, become life in them, and by that bring the individual into subjection of the Word, and the Word is Jesus Christ who is manifesting Himself within us.

 There are a number of people with a "Great Calling" upon their life, and KNOW it.  Yet, they are isolated and hidden from view.  They are frustrated, because their "calling" seems of little value, let alone be that which is bringing forth fruit.  Because of that "calling", the enemy has launched viciously upon them, and has worked overtime to keep them suppressed, oppressed and ISOLATED!  These are the ones with whom I am trying to reach.  They need the understanding of what is happening to them, and WHY! 

 In closing, the most important matter, the high priority on our list, should be to come out of all the lies and deceptions that are running rampant over the earth, and come into the truth.  Those that do NOT do so will be left in with a "Strong Delusion", and the ultimate consequence of such.   

Pick up my new book “A Declaration to the Spiritual Soldier.”  It is power pack with biblical principles as revealed to me from God, which will enable you to develop and RENEW your mind so you may escape deception in the church today and the coming destruction.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pt. 1 A Christian Perspective, A Year Without Television By Minister Speed

How can you pull down strongholds of Satan if you don’t even have the strength to turn off your TV?” Leonard Ravenhill...........

Let us face reality, TV has become a part of life for millions of people. We have cable channels which teach us how to read and write, in addition to giving us 24 hour weather. We are inundated with a variety of entertainment which range from preaching the gospel to pornography. 

We no longer need to go to the movies because if we wait long enough, the movie will be on TV without much editing. No matter how many diatribes we hear against TV we are still going to watch it.

As an American Christian I grew up in a time period where T.V played an important part in our household.  I remember the grown women daily ministrations with shows like “The Guiding Light,” and “As The World Turn.” 

These shows shaped my fragile mind and somehow impacted my consciousness to the tune that I have never forgotten their opening monologues and their associations.
As a grown man with the responsibilities of a family of my own I now face the opportunity to use my experience, strength, and hopes to guide them into a not so distance future which holds many unknowns and dangers.  As a Christian father it appeared evident that today’s perils are not so subtle as those when I was growing up.

This blog is designed to help you analyze TV programs you watch. As Christians we are to live a pure lifestyle, even in private. Does TV affect us? The answer is yes! Did you ever laugh or lustful look at a sinful scene which you would not partake of in real life? To laugh at sin is to condone it. The media is controlled by atheists and globalist change agents. The news is totally controlled and we only receive what the big boys want us to. Let me share two quotes from media pundits:

"If we can start changing attitudes in this country, we can start changing behavior." -Grant Tinker, Former Chairman NBC TV.

"Objectivity is a fallacy...there are different opinions, but you don’t give them equal weight." -Robert Bazell, NBC News

 "Of today’s leaders...90% favor abortion...91% favor homosexuality ...and only 14% attend any kind of church." -Lichtman Rothman survey of Media Leaders.

If these are the type of people that run the media, the Christian had better be armed with principles and questions concerning TV programs. God gives a warning in Deuteronomy 7:26: (Deu. 7:26 KJV) Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.

This verse deals with idols and images which Israel was to reject. Is there a parallel? There sure is! The church is spiritual Israel and the same mindset about idols and images is present today. Many fantasize about wealth and idolize movie stars. Satan is cunning and many of us have fallen for his TV snares. The thing to do when the Holy Spirit makes us aware of it, is confess, repent, and deal with it. Remember this principle:


Many of the anti-Christian and immoral precepts are bellowed forth in situation comedies. They get you to laugh, then they put forth their principles and you have accepted their teachings without reservation. This is why much reprogramming is done through comedy.


Does it Mock Christianity?

The networks mock no other faith but Christianity. Other religions receive an occasional non-offensive joke but it is open season on Christianity. Christianity is the only faith in America which may be attacked without fear or reprisal

What is the Focal Point of the Episode?

In October 1990, Bill Cosby had a one hour show which focused on one of his teenage girls and the subject was whether she should have pre-marital sex or not. The advice given was "wait until you are ready or wait till you are in love." No mention of waiting for marriage. The focal point was to endorse pre-marital sex and leaving it to the discretion of the teenager. 

Does it Glamorize Rebellion?

When watching T.V. does the show you’re watching focus on rebellion to any type of authority, such as parents, police, teachers, government, etc. Does it show the father in a stupid and non- responsive manner?  

Does It Glorify Controlled Substances?

Does your program send a message to you and your family that cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol make you more respectable? The majority of the shows glorify alcohol. The message sent is that you need alcohol to be accepted by others. The most blatant oxymoron on TV is that hard liquor companies are disallowed from advertising, yet almost every show displays drinking of hard liquor. If this is not an advertisement for it, I do not know what is. 

Are there Occultic Overtones?

If the program contains subtle or blatant endorsements of psychics, new age themes, mediums, or portrays witches as good moral people, this is a satanic attempt to get you to accept the occult by dressing it up. 

Are there Sexual Suggestions?

Are there any scenes where the actors and actresses are in bed partially exposed? This soft porno approach causes the human mind to finish the scene. It leads to fantasy and maybe a slave life to masturbation, visiting prostitutes, or even sex crimes. In these segments, how many references to AIDS do you hear about? Hollywood always portrays illicit sex in a Pollyanna fashion. 

Are Sinful Lifestyles Promoted?

If homosexuality, lesbianism, or living together without benefit of marriage is portrayed, it is an attempt to retrain your thinking that these are just alternative lifestyles, claiming it is accepted by everyone else. WRONG, GOD DOES NOT ACCEPT IT! 

Is Violence Glorified?

Violence sells so it is a part of many programs. Many programs portray violence as a result of situational ethics, in other words, if a violent act gets me by, it is justified. 

Is Vulgarity a Part of the Script? 

Hollywood (Hollow-wood) now injects the name of Christ as a swear word on a regular basis. On November 4, 1990 TBS (Turner Broadcasting) aired the movie, "The Final Countdown." They edited out God’s name when linked with "dam," but they left the name of Christ in when used profanely.

This attack on the Lord Jesus Christ is designed to reprogram us to believe that Christ is just another common religious name which may be used in vain. Have you heard on TV sayings like, "Buddha dammit" or "For Pope’s sake?" You never did and you never will. I had a small sticker created which I place on all my mail which reads, "Jesus Christ is not a Swear Word." It will give people something to think about when they read it.  

Is A One World Society or Globalism promoted? 
The media is the puppet of a powerful group of International Bankers. Their umbrella groups are: The Trilateral Commission; The Council on Foreign Relations; The Bilderbergs; Order of the Skull and Bones et al. They are pushing a one world agenda on us, attempting to convince us that only a one world society will preserve us from war and famine, and other world problems they create with a phone call. The one world agenda is as sinful today as it was back when God destroyed Satan’s first attempt at Babel. 

Does the Program Push Evolution as Fact?
When evolution is taught on TV, it tends to be very persuasive to young people. If you support public TV, then stop, because their programs are detrimental to the cause of Christ. They are your spiritual enemy. When programs are aired which show a clash between Christianity and Evolution, the Christians are always portrayed as religious idiots while the evolutionists are shown to be the intelligent, scientifically logically minded, altruistic people. Support Christian radio or missions with the money you give to Public TV. 

Does it push Extra-Terrestrial Life?

TV shows like Star Trek or movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind attempt to persuade us that life exists on other planets and that aliens will possess the knowledge man needs to survive. They portray aliens as having power to raise the dead, heal diseases, and control others through mental telepathy. 

All these are appealing to man who seeks eternal life without Christ. UFO’S may be categorized under the occult, as these "space ships" emulate characteristics akin to demons, such as cold temperatures, anomalous motion which could never be performed by something mechanical but by something spiritual, such as anti-gravity. Only something spiritual can defy God’s natural laws for the universe. 


As with anything we do routinely, if left unchecked can turn into an addiction. People who become addicts did not start out to become an addict. No one who drinks sets a goal of becoming a professional drunk. If we start something which is detrimental to our Christian walk, even on a small scale, Satan will make an attempt to intensify the drive or desire to bring this action into its ultimate state which is a strong hold in our life.

2 Corinthians 10:4 warns us (KJV) (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.

The words "strong hold" may also be translated "fortress or castle." This warns us that Satan can create a hold on our life with an addiction to sin. A TV addict believes they must watch every show, and with every show they watch it intensifies their desire to watch another. This is a vicious cycle which is only broken by God’s power.

Are you a TV addict or are you on the way to becoming one? Check to see if any of these 32 principles of TV addiction are present in your life. If they are, then you may have a satanic stronghold in your life. 
1) You call someone to videotape TV shows that are on the same time the one you are watching and videotaping. 
2) You watch a program with the anticipation of seeing a sinful act. 
3) You enjoy the sinful scenes on the show. 
4) You eat your dinner in front of the TV. 
5) You neglect your spouse or family for a TV show. 
6) You look forward to a TV show. (desirous anticipation) Do you look forward to next week’s church service? 
7) You miss Sunday Night services or Wednesday evening prayer meeting for TV. 
8) You begin to role play the parts you see on TV on a serious basis. 
9) Your conversation is replete with TV reviews and anecdotes. 
10) TV replaces your Bible reading or devotion time. 
11) The family altar has been replaced by a TV program. 
12) You know more about TV than Scripture. 
13) No one is allowed to speak while the TV is on. 
14) You begin to start empathizing with the characters the actors are portraying. 
15) You rush home so you will not miss a program. 
16) You watch TV late into the night consistently. 
17) When company visits, the TV remains on. 
18) You disturb others on the job by discussing a TV show. 
19) You yell at the TV when a certain scene unfolds. 
20) You become angry when "there aint nothing good on TV tonight." 
21) You let TV do your thinking for you. 
22) The only book you read is TV guide. 
23) You turn the TV on the moment you enter a room. 
24) The TV is on when you are doing your chores. 
25) You do not want people to visit when your programs are scheduled to come on.  
26) When people visit, you wish they would leave so you could watch your programs. 
27) You laugh at the very sin which sent Christ to the cross. 
28) You have every premium cable channel like HBO, Cinemax, etc. 
29) You constantly flip channels with your remote control. 
30) You begin to adopt ideas and attitudes contrary to Scripture. (Remember change agents) 
31) You find more pleasure watching TV than being with God’s people. 
32) You go nowhere but have become a couch potato. 

Some Consequences of being a Teleholic 


Staying home and watching TV isolates you from other people. God created us to be social creatures requiring human interaction. Loss of human contact will cause extreme loneliness. 


Excessive TV watching may cause depression because night after night you continually soak up the world’s idea of what success and value is. We begin to believe our lives, when compared with those exciting ones we see on TV, are really valueless and this type of thinking, when drilled into us daily, will lead into depression. 

Physical Disease

Our bodies were made for motion, not to sit in one place for hours daily. Our muscles and the rest of our body need exercise for proper fitness and clear minds. One can become obese, because incessant TV watching leads to incessant eating. 

Fantasy Lifestyle

This happens when we watch so much TV that we have trouble separating reality from fantasy. TV can cause us to live an imaginary lifestyle, like believing illicit sex without consequences, social drinking is mandatory, you must drive an expensive car, etc. An imitation of a TV lifestyle can ruin a life. 

Acceptance of Sinful Principles

TV shows are not written with obedience to God in mind. As we are bombarded daily with sinful principles, we begin to accept the methods Hollywood teaches. You claim you do not accept sinful principles! Then why do you watch the same show each week. If you keep watching it, you are endorsing it. Soon you will be found opposing the principles of Scripture and even rebuking those who bring the truth and this will sow discord among the brethren and will sow confusion in the life of a young believer. 


When a person believes they have no value, no friends, and that they do not measure up to the fantasy lifestyle they impose on themselves, they see no reason for living. They do not realize a satanic deception has taken place. If there was such a group as Teleholics Anonymous, their meetings would be packed more than Alcoholics Anonymous. 


Realize It Is Sin

Satan has built a fortress in your life and this type of sin can only be broken by the power of God. You must begin to bathe your recovery in prayer. 

Get A Partner

Call someone who will pray with you and speak with you about your problem. Determine you will be accountable to them. Therefore, you must find a strong Christian who will not shrink back, even if you do. Meet with this person on a regular basis, not just on the phone. 

Devise a Plan and Put It Into Operation 

The following is a suggested plan of operation.

1. Rise up earlier so you will be tired earlier at night, which means you will go to bed earlier and it will cut down on your TV watching. 
2. Give your VCR to a friend until you are delivered from the stronghold. 
3. Give your remote control to a friend as this will prevent you from flipping through all the channels from your easy chair. This will force you to get up from your chair to change the channels. This will also prevent you from watching TV from bed because it will then force you to get out of a warm bed to change channels or shut off the TV. 
4. Have all the premium cable channels disconnected. This will save you about 500 dollars per year. 
5. Discard your instant dinners thus causing you to cook your dinner which will pull you away from the TV plus you will be healthier. The amount of salt and preservatives in those dinners are unbelievable. 
6. Turn your local Christian radio station on during the day or night. Let God build a desire for Him into your life. 
7. Start reading books to reclaim your thinking process which TV steals. 
8. Make Bible reading imperative and do your reading in a room where there is no TV or else you may be tempted to put your Bible down and turn the TV on. Rearrange the house if you must. 
9. Go out with your spouse or friends to church or Wednesday evening service, or just for a drive. Rediscover each other. 
10. If you must get rid of your TV, then do it. There are many Christians who do not own a TV and are happy because God owns their mind fully. 

The key to obtaining victory over teleholism is found in;

Ephesians 4:22-24:That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; {23} And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; {24} And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.

In verse 22, Paul is telling us to put off the old man while simultaneously putting on the new man. If we just stop our old habits and do nothing, we will have a void which needs to be filled. Guess what we will fill it with. 

The old habits! So to prevent this, God in His wisdom told us the key to overcoming sin is put off-put on. If we are going to put off television watching, we must put something in its place. For example, instead of watching TV, we will put Christian radio on. Instead of watching TV on Wednesday night, you go to mid-week service. 

The key is to do something in place of TV watching or you will go right back to the old ways. Allow your partner to help you by establishing a schedule of things to do which require you to be away from the TV. Do not fight your partner, God will use her/him to help you and this is what the body of Christ is all about. If you are having extensive difficulty in your recovery, seek pastoral counseling. 


1. Write to the network and the local station.  
2. Start a TV watchdog system whereby some Christians agree to watch certain programs and then come together to analyze the results and then publish them in your church. Some will not agree but there will be those you will reach who want to be obedient to God. Try to get this type of group going in your denomination. 
3. Do not buy the products which are advertised on these shows. It is a very effective tool. 
4. Start a community organization dedicated to better quality TV and get your local politicians involved. To a politician, voters are their lifeline, remind them of this.
If God delivers you from TV addiction, there is no reason that you could not start a group like Teleholics Anonymous. There are thousands who are addicted to TV and would like to be free but lack support to do it. Addiction is addiction, no matter what type it is. Addiction is a controlling factor in a person’s life. People with strongholds in their life need help; maybe you are the one they are looking for. Think about it! 
(John 8:32 KJV) And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. 
(Rom 6:18 KJV) Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness.

The Effects of TV on Children

“A new study appearing in the April issue of Pediatrics concludes that children who watch television experience shortened attention spans and considerably enhances the chances, based on number of hours of television watched, of developing ADDs (attention deficit disorders) later on in life.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that children under the age of two not watch television and this new study seems to validate such a recommendation.”
“It is reported that children watch an average of 43 hours of TV per week, that's longer than the average adult work week. While watching, they rapidly become almost hypnotized. 

It has been shown scientifically that within minutes of beginning to watch TV, the brain changes from the alert brain waves (beta waves) to the hypnotic waves (alpha waves) where the judgment center of the brain is bypassed. So the violence and decadence that the child sees, bypasses the judgment center in the brain and is implanted in the child's brain without any ability on the child's part to decide whether what they are seeing is right or wrong. 

The violence and decadence are accepted by the brain without any moral judgment being applied to it. It then becomes part of the child's permanent subconscious. What goes into a child's mind is just as important as what goes into his or her mouth!”


My family attends church every week and this fast coincided with the  pastor begining a series about “Seducing Spirits” and the attacks from the music and television media (Multi*Ethnic*Destruction*In*America) on the Church, the family and the American way of life (culture).  This seem to prove that my family and I were on to something as our prayer life and spiritual warfare has increased.  We communicate for extended periods of time and my children are reading much more and studying their school work more diligently. 

 I get my news for from the internet with “Alternative News Sites,” and can hear Gods’ voice much more effectively in my own life.  I hear a lot of info. About what’s going on in the land of Tel Lie Vision and much of it is the same rhetoric that made a decision for me to take a year off and stop the madness.  I personally haven’t missed anything.

I’ve found out that children will typically follow their parents without complaining if you explain things to them in a way that shows you care about their well being.  With that being said I pray that this article was able to expose some truth and bring about a radical change in your Christian walk