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Monday, January 9, 2012

No to Obama…The Lawless One! By Minister Speed

I voted for Obama in "08"but this year even I had to admit  something was "wrong." When Barack campaign and said "CHANGE" I was led to believe he meant "apart" from the Status Quo. Apart from the lobbyist filling cabinet positions. Apart from a shredding of the Constitution. NDAA? come on. The continuation of Bush failed Unconstitutional policies!!!

Lastly what about African Americans? I'm not talking about a few cabinet positions. I'm talking about Black people. Barack has royally bent over for the homosexual agenda and continues to tell his own people "to man up."

Is it just me or did I fall for the same ole Political Primary hogwash or did I really believe Obama would galvanize the grass root movement and start a trend back towards "We the people, for the people, by the people?"

For those who comment I am asking you to do so without the Pseudo Emotional attachment and please don't mention G. W as 3 years have passed and we know the disgusting and dishonest things he perpetuated on the American people.

Obama promise to eradicate those Unconstitutional policies but has chosen to forge ahead as if he were a more intellectual version of G. W.

I'm one man that you may fool me once but you will never get that opportunity again.

President Obama behavior is the worst I've seen in any standing President in my day. I just don't understand how people esp. African Americans can continue to be deceived on the level that they are.

I owe no allegiance to anyone or anything that denigrates the Constitution of the Republic of the USA. Please feel free to comment open, honest, and in any way you choose as that is also another right he is infringing upon.

God bless the Constitution, and God bless "The Sovereign Unalienable rights of the citizens of America.

Oh and for the Republicans it's not any better on that side. These 2 parties are like the Prosecutor and Public Defendant. They put on a show in the public Courts yet behind the scene make deals and laugh at the poor fool that is depending on and trusting them to do the right thing.

He's a fraud and I say that as an American. He's a liar and I say that as an American. He as close to following Soviet Socialism as any person that claims to be an American. That's Jimmie the American citizen who has spent more hours following and researching and listening to Him and pouring over his documents and bills and policies than any other POTUS.  He was a Constitutional Professor and knows the fabric of our life expertly.  Before he was sworn in he had a preconceive idea about the constitution and knew before he was sworn in that he did not believe in America the independent, the middle class, and the capitalistic ideas that America was founded on. 

 He said I swear to protect and uphold the Constitution of the USA of America.  A Few years later he's saying it's an outdated institution/document that does not reflect our time and the founding fathers could not have had the insight to see this when in fact they did and warned about it. He not only straight lied, he was the perfect actor. Heck at least with Bush you knew what you were going to get.

I guess I fell for the hype and skin color. So what I’m saying basically is that the whole system is a farce and has nothing to do with true representation of the American People, but more of A elitist self ideology in which we the people are gullible enough to believe that we are steering the course of this nation or am I missing something intricately needed to be ok "with this"

This guy is threat to our national security.  I'd rather be on my belly with God than on a Mt. Top with the devil.  Obama is a DECEIVER!!! I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO KEEP HIM OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

P. S - I'm pissed off and I'm not going to take it anymore

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