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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Do you really think that the sedated masses in this country will ever have cause and motivation to make any real changes?


Politics has become a sort of football to many. They cheer for their team right or wrong and believe what a politician spouts simply because they agree with that party. The truth is that politician is just saying crap to get elected and start on their career to be a duplicitous lobbyist to give the greatest return possible to those that hire them. Given the current system of ‘tons of money’ to get elected I don’t expect any changes from those politicians who claim to want or make CHANGE.

I told a friend that the entire system was corrupt because ALL politicians (Dems and Republicans) work for the same people – the super-rich and I’m burning my voter registration card because it is worthless!!!

The 1% of the truly rich of this country are slowly setting the United States up for a fall and once the United States falls it will no longer be a super power, and will not be able to be a police state for the world. Then the USA will fall into place just like all the other countries that we now control. It won`t be long now so get ready…..

The United States has been meticulously targeted, infiltrated, and subverted in a gradual process – by a certain world elite OLIGARCHY…..
I don’t think even the greatest leader in the world can fix the problems of a country filled with frivolous, narcissistic fools. Conversely, a country of strong, resourceful, enterprising people with values won’t need much leadership as they will solve their own problems.

Are we mass-deluded sheeple?


Super ultra-delusion Number 1.

“Kids don’t learn to be drugged out, violent, slutty, or inappropriate from watching TV or video music/ games featuring the same”. This is the purest example of cognitive dissonance you will ever hear. Anyone with a brain knows that kids absolutely, from the day they are born, learn their place in the world by mimicking. 

If you put a kid in front of a TV or Xbox 6 hours a day and show them gang and gun violence or a whorish attitude, THIS IS WHAT THEY WILL DO! And the proof of that is our current reality. But of course the TV is the delivery vehicle for so many delusions so we can’t have people resistant to it now can we?

And what about the 40 hour workweek?

We see that once Americans HAVE money they squander it or give it away willingly but unwittingly to thieves. But what about how they make it? I commuted to work every day 150 miles for years. I saw daily incompetent people who cannot even grasp the rules of driving, completely on autopilot, and trudging en masses to what is effectively adult daycare. I worked for a leading educational company. 

 Yet even there between the coddling, political kowtowing cutthroats, and decision driven data making, 90% of our workforce was just there to be babysat. They get to make up their own goals, then get a nice pat on the head if they accomplish 2 whole mundane tasks in 6 months. I have had many jobs, all with the “best/leading” companies in my respective fields, and all I see are adult children with no real drive, no real creativity, and no ambition beyond getting to check a few mundane tasks off a checklist so they can get today’s gold star and be a “contributor” in their own minds. Then it’s back to Facebook :).

This is why perhaps the greatest delusion of all, that we are a productive people. Witness Firestone tire’s legendary breaking of the Rubber Workers’ Union growing in Akron Ohio. For literally years, fat, unkempt, poorly groomed men sat on the side of the road, leaning against walls and newspaper boxes lazily waving signs demanding premium wages, benefits, spotless factories, and of course lots of paid days off. And none of them was enterprising enough to just go pursue a different better job.

They were willing to waste years of their life waving signs demanding something they didn't deserve from someone who wasn't going to give it to them. And they didn't even have the motivation to stand up straight to do it. 

It was the picture of shame. If we ever brought all those outsourced jobs back from China, they wouldn't get done as well if at all. We are delusional for thinking we are our parents and grandparents children. We’re not. We have become a lazy, weak minded mob of entitled freeloaders waiting to be lied to because it’s just easier that way. Any belief to the contrary is the greatest delusion of all. Sad but true.

I propose eliminating the Federal Reserve, breaking up the 6 Too Big To Fail banks into 60 Too Small To Matter banks, outlawing corporate lobbying, eliminating the IRS, getting rid of the tax code, term limits on politicians, a balanced budget amendment, cutting the military in half, and going to a currency backed by gold, silver and a few other commodities. 

These solutions would put a little crimp in your desire for the US to police the world.

First we have to end control of our money by the private Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate. The US dollar is a fiat currency so why is the US in growing perpetual debt? Because the US Treasury prints Treasury Bills & Notes it has to sell to the private Fed in order to get dollars, so every new dollar printed is a debt instrument. Second we must repeal both GATT and NAFTA. Repealing both would begin the return of domestic mfg. to the States allowing us to once more export goods and stop being a big fat spoiled CONSUMER BABY with nothing to give back!!!!

Third we must demand that ALL TARP funds, which are not $800 billion as incorrectly mentioned but well over $21 trillion be returned immediately. This money which has been secretly allocated to banks without disclosure should then be applied to pay off every mortgage and credit card balance in the US. This would not only help real people but also help strengthen banks that want to operate honestly. We must revere the planned concentration of money in the hands of the top 4 or so banks.

“The American public thinks they are rugged individualists, who come to conclusions based upon sound reason and a rational thought process. The truth is that the vast majority of Americans act like a herd of cattle or a horde of lemmings.” Delusional Americans all over the country believed in the new internet paradigm… You would think that average Americans would have learned their lesson after this experience. They did not. Based on all available evidence, it seems the American public wants to be misled. They have chosen ignorance over knowledge and understanding.

America resembles a 40 year old aging baseball icon with two bad knees, a pot belly, receding hairline and delusions that he is still the ball player he was at 24. He doesn't realize that his skills are shot, as he flails at curve balls in the dirt thrown by 21 year old kids. The rest of the league knows he is washed up, but he refuses to accept reality. The American herd has gone mad. A few people have regained their senses, but the vast majority still exhibits the behavior of sheep being led to slaughter. 

I'm not trying to tell you what to do Lord, but please come quickly.....

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